Smarter gadgets with smart technology of flexible electronics


Just remember the good old days we had with large televisions and big sized radio players. The circuit inside them was green colored board (IC) with multiple circuits connected; when a small connection gets ruined the whole circuit gets spoiled. They were meant to be kept at only one place and they got no chances to be mobile. But the present technology had made our gadgets so trendy and stylish. Even the smart phones which we are using in current days are so flexible and even water proof because of this flexible electronics. Let us see in detail how these developments changed our standard of living.

flexible electronics

Just like thin sheets flexible electronics

All these flex circuits are bendable or fordable even they can be twisted according to the user’s choice. Since everything is integrated inside single thin sheet of plastic printed sheets. These printed sheets are coated with photolithographic technology. The wires inside these flex circuits are made up of just 0.05 mm copper circuits which are best conductors of electricity. Flex sheets undergo an adhesive bath of thermosetting which makes the wires and tiny circuits immovable and strong. Because of this adhesive the flex circuits are suitable for any kind of curvy or small gadget.


Using such type of light emitting thin sheets of circuits are eco-friendly because those circuits can be reused easily. All the circuits which are acting as flexible electronics belong to the petroleum based plastics and toxic materials. Since the new way of recycling them has been found, it became easy for manufactures to reuse the plastic waste into a productive product.

Cost effectiveness of product

Since the new lite weighted circuits are developed, they are more cost effective because of various reasons. Usually integrated circuits will need different metals for connecting the board in proper manner, since the plastic is more transparent and easy to make it has become so cheap than usual IC’s which cost at high rates.

flexible electronics
Flexible circuit board

A benefit for gadget world

Since the plastic flex circuits are only in need of zinc and selenium or some little amounts of copper they can be rolled or unrolled without any cracks or bends. They tend to suit to the size and shape of the gadget without much efforts.

This flexible electronics can be used in

  • Smart phones
  • Automotive
  • Biometric scanning
  • Health care devices
  • Digital signage
  • Flat television and displays
  • Wearable technology

These are the gadgets which will be benefited in high amounts after the involvement of flexible technology. Even in present days many efforts have been made to make different types of gadgets and many mobile manufacturing companies have trended their flexible gadgets in market and people love to wear technology in forms of health bands from fitbit and even watches for daily usage. The flexible technology gives much stronger life than normal gadgets.

The new development has made human life much simple and these flexible electronics are not easily breakable. So people can use this flexible electronics in future and get benefited in many ways.

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