Microcontroller – Thin electronics for higher edge performance


The developing technology has bloomed with various aspects bringing up the biggest ones into tiniest ones. The technology which is spread wide apart has been successfully implemented with new microcontroller. Because of microcontrollers new successive gadgets are produced with trending technology.


Work of microchip

The microchip or microcontroller is designed for calculation at early days. But on further developments the chips started increasing with various new features so developers tried to implement them in trendy gadgets just to reduce the size of the gadgets. The microcontroller is based on embedded system programming. The various versions of microcontrollers are revolving around the present world to make computers tiny and handy.

PIC32 microcontroller

One such invention is PIC32 microcontroller. They belong to the family of 32-bit microcontrollers which are based on MIPS technology. This PIC belong to the family of pick which elaborates Peripheral Interface Circuits and they have got divisions in it which are given below

  • PIC32MX
  • PIC32MZ
  • PIC32MM
  • PIC32MK
PIC microcontroller block diagram, source: http://m.eet.com


This was launched in November 2007 with 64/100 pin for using in general purposes and mainly for USB inside computers. There are designed on 32-bit flash drivers. They are capable of accepting 2.3 volts to 3.6 volts. They are designed for accepting multiple power managing modes. The PIC32MX has given an additional 12KB of boot flash memory with IEEE standard version number 1149.2 Compatible boundary scan. These are some of the important features of using PIC32MX.


They are best for high performance peripherals in industry levels. These chips help to crack the complex build structure with high definition graphics and connectivity frame work. These chips of PIC32MZ are designed for high quality connectivity options and double precision FPU for intensive process applications in various industries. This comes with very rich peripheral set and has got a wide support in all complex industries.


This is better in cost when compared with other versions. These chips are especially developed for cost-effectiveness in the industry. The chip design is based on low power consumption in battery applications and they come in small sizes like 4 x 4 mm or 5 x 5 mm for cost-effective packages. These chips are specially used in environmental monitoring, remote controls, game consoles and many more.

PIC32 starter kit, source: https://www.element14.com


The PIC32MK chips are designed with 32 bit and they compete to the performance of 120 MHz. they are available with 1 megabyte of flash memory which provides greater support for making lost cost applications. These chips are used in present Internet of Things and for artificial intelligence. Chips focus on integration of motor control. They are used for Ethernet cables and mainly for connecting wireless in applications.

These are some of the versions of microcontrollers. Each type has more versions evolved in it and they give maximum output based on their new advanced versions. Implementing such microcontrollers not only reduces the sizes of electronics but also have effective costs in current days. The usages of such technologies are becoming a boon in current days for the betterment of gadgets.

Sources: http://www.microchip.com/design-centers/32-bit


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