Making of Printed Circuit Boards in present days


The PCB’s are the ones which are lying behind each and every electronic object which we are using today. A part of this PCB was first manufactured in 1983 and later on it is making mighty progressions in current years. Entire world uses PCB’s in various methods. They are nothing but nonconductive boards embedded with copper sheets to conduct electricity without any breaks. Most of these boards are soldered.


The PCB’s are of three types and they are mentioned below:

Single sided PCB

Single side PCB

In single sided PCB just one layer of copper sheet is attached and soldering is performed for making many of the simple electric circuits. These single sided PCB’s are of low cost. Since they are lower in cost they are so popular in market. Soldering can be done easily in single PCBs.

Used in

  • Vending machines
  • Coffee makers
  • Power supplies
  • Calculators

Double sided PCBs

Double sided PCB

They are just replica of single sided PCB. The only difference is they have two sided copper boards and solder mask. They are used for more flexible designing of electronics. They effectively increase circuit density. They help to reduce board sizes and using many single PCB boards.


  • Amplifiers
  • Traffic signals
  • Phone systems
  • Printers

Multiple sided PCBs

They mostly have three or more than that of conductive material which are effectively used for many complex circuits. They are created with vacuum between the circuits to ensure there is no movement in wires. They are made of materials like Epson glass, Teflon, exotic ceramic and many more. The conductive material is completely stacked up in these multilayers PCB.


  • Computers
  • GPS technology
  • Satellite systems
  • X-ray equipment

These are the three types of PCBs which are available in present market.

How are PCBs made?

The PCBs are made with PCB fabrication data. Initially they are generated by Computer Aided Design and then they are connected to get better outputs. In simple they are based on truth table formulas and even works on true or false cases. In critical cases they go for If cases. This is the simple explanation about working of PCB. They have several layers like copper board then solder mask then silkscreen is coated. Above silkscreen annular rings, slots are designed based on designers’ choice. These boards undergo a process called chemical etching where some amount of ammonium per sulfate or ferric chloride are applied in boards to ensure the proper electric flow in the board without any blockages.

This is how PCBs are made and they are behind every small application which is being used by humans at present world. Right from small gaming devices to larger servers for connecting internet this PCBs are mainly used. Since these boards are cost effective many companies are fond of these boards. Usually they are thin sheets and they try to improve the smaller sized consoles into tiniest ones to get more attention of users. This is how PCBs are marking a change secretly but effectively in society.

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