pic32 microcontroller

Application of the PIC32 microcontroller and its uses


If you are able to integrate a circuit into a single computer then it is called the microprocessor. The microprocessor and the PIC32 microcontroller are developed only in the fourth generation of computers and it helps in the increasing the throughput of the system. It consists of many CPU with the memory management and other peripherals. The memory for the microcontroller is embedded in the form of RAM and also with other form chip which can be used. It is mainly used for the embedded applications and can be used in any electronic gadget that uses the microcontroller.

pic32 microcontroller

PIC32 microcontroller beginning

With the help of microchip technology the new microcontroller has been developed which is named as PIC and the most commonly used microcontroller is PIC32. It is mainly programmed with the ROM and the EPROM can also be used with the technology. It is possible to use the PIC controller for the reprogramming itself. The memory has been separated into the data and the program memory. The instructions for each program will differ with the count of each bit. The digital signal processing will be added with each chip and also with the chip set it will vary accordingly.

It is mostly helpful for the global sale as well as with the distribution network. The entire performance range will differ from each chip and it will vary with each microcontroller and also along with the 8 bit, 16 bit and the 32 bit microcontroller. With the help of powerful architecture and the flexible memory you can possibly use the microcontroller. In the PIC32 the PIC refers to the Peripheral Interface Controller and has been mainly designed for peripheral interface device. These are very fast controllers and the program can be easily executed with the help of these controllers.

PIC microcontroller features

pic32 microcontroller
PIC architecture, source: http://www.electronicshub.org

The PIC microcontroller is famous because the programming with these microcontrollers is easy and it is very easy to interface with the other peripherals. The important feature of these microcontrollers is that it comes with low cost and high flexibility and also with serial programming interface. All the parts of the computer will be integrated within a microcontroller along with the CPU, RAM, ROM, counters and also the timer. The main advantage of this microcontroller is it is the smallest microcontroller in the world. It can also be programmed with large number of tasks.

The application of the microcontroller is not limited with the embedded application like the alarm system, washing machine, refrigerator and a lot more. There are many numbers of microcontrollers which can be programmed with the help of some easy programming language understood by the microcontroller. The microcontroller can be used along with that of the other units of the computer so that the performance will be high. The Opcode and the mnemonics are used for programming the microcontrollers. They are integrated with the CPU, RAM, ROM and flash memory. When it is used in the electronic devices it will be embedded with each other so that high performance can be achieved.

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